Q. Why do I need to read Sandesha?

A. It will introduce you to the world of Samskrit through simple Samskritam.

Q. What is there in Sandesha magazine?

A. Sandesha is a multi-coloured magazine which has something for all age groups. For the contents, kindly visit Sandeshasara (https://sambhashanasandesha.in/) page.

Q. Is Sandesha a monthly magazine?

A. Yes. It is a monthly magazine.

Q. How to subscribe for Sandesha online ?

A. To subscribe, kindly sign-up in this website, go to the subscribe page, choose the subscription type and period, follow the payment process. Now you are a subscriber of Sandesha.

Q. What is the cost of subscribing Sandesha?

A. Subscription rates for both print-version and e-version has been provided in the subscribe (https://sambhashanasandesha.in/subscription) page.

Q. How will I know my subscription number?

A. After subscribing to the magazine, you will receive an email mentioning the subscription number and the postal address provided by you to the registered email id.

Q. Can I subscribe in bulk?

A. Yes. You can.

Q. Can I get Sandesha outside India?

A. Yes, of course. You can get the print-version of the Sandesha in all countries except UAE. Even residents of UAE can subscribe for the e-version.

Q. How can I access previous publications in Sandesha?

A. All our previous editions can be accessed from the Archives (https://sambhashanasandesha.in/archive).

Q. How will I receive the magazine?

A. You will receive the magazine through normal post by default. You may also choose registered post option too by paying extra.

Q. Can I change my subscription from print-version to e-version?

A. Yes. You can.

Q. After subscription, when will I receive the magazine?

A. We post the upcoming month’s magazine on the 23th of current month. So it may reach you according to the distance of your residence from Bengaluru.

Q. Can I change my subscription from print-version to e-version?

A. Yes. You can.

Q. Is it possible to change the e-subscription to print subscription?

A. Yes. You can.

Q. Is the subscription amount refundable?

A. No. It is not.

Q. Can I download the e-version of the magazine?

A. No. You will have to log-in to the website using your credentials and read it online..

Q. How to renew the subscription?

A. You can visit the website and renew the subscription. Or kindly click (https://sambhashanasandesha.in/subscription) for renewal..

Q. How to change the address to send the magazine?

A. You can send the new address along with the old address or subscription number to sandesha@samskritam.in or samskritam@gmail.com

Q. Will I be able to discontinue the magazine in the middle?

A. Yes. You can. Your subscription will be suspended without refund.

Q. Will you send the magazine to foreign location if I happen to relocate abroad?

A. Yes. As the subscription amount differs, you will have to pay the difference in the amount.

Q. Is there a life-time subscription for the magazine?

A. No. The maximum subscription period is 5 years.

Q. If I want to write an article for Sandesha, who should I send it to?

A. You can type the article in Unicode and send the word file to samskritam@gmail.com or sandesha@samskritam.in. So far as the publication of the article is concerned, it will be decided by the editorial board and you will be intimated accordingly.

Q. Can I send feedback on any Sandesha article? How and who should send it to?

A. Yes. You can send the feedback to samskritam@gmail.com or sandesha@samskritam.in

Q. Can I donate for the Sambhashana Sandesha?

A. Yes. You can. Click (Donate) to donate generously.

Q. Will I get income tax exemption by donating?

A. Yes. Your donation is exempted under 80G.

Q. Can I send advertisement to publish in the magazine or on website?

A. Yes. You can. Click (Advertisement) for advertisement.