Samskrita Bharati

Revive the language, Rejuvenate the culture, Revolutionize the world

Samskrita Bharati is - A Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organization dedicated to the cause of Samskrit. A movement for reconstruction of Bharat through Samskrit. An apex-body of all voluntary organizations in Bharat for promotion of Samskrit. Achievements of Samskrita Bharati Over 10 million people trained to speak Samskrit through 1,20,000 camps. A unique `Speak Samskrit Camp' conducted at Parliament house for MPs. Over 70,000 Samskrit teachers trained to teach in the medium of Samskrit. Over 300 books published and 50 audio / video CDs released. Over 6000 Samskrit homes have been created. Transformed 4 remote villages into vibrant Samskrit villages. Propagation of Samskrit through 2000 centers across 15 countries world-wide. Organized the first ever World Samskrit Book Fair at Bangalore in 2011.

Sambhashana Sandesha

First monthly magazine in sanskrit

Sambhashana Sandesha is the world's one and only multicolored Samskrit monthly magazine available today. Sambhashana Sandesha has been in print without a break for the past 17 years due to the phenomenal support from Samskrit enthusiasts.Each issue is a collector's delight. Due to the wide ranging topics covered in lucid and simple Samskrit, Sambhashana Sandesha enjoys a dedicated readership of more than 1 Lakh peple. People from all walks of life- Housewives & children, IT professionals & Doctors, Advocates & elite citizens are all ardently devoted to Sambhashana Sandesha. Readers hoard their copies for years and decades. They have an intimacy with this magazine.Due to a great demand for the earlier editions, now every issue is made available for free download from the archives of the URL The online availability coupled with scholarly and indepth articles catering to each and every member of a family has ensured a long life for Sambhashana Sandesha. Samskrit is in the heart of every Indian. So when you advertise in Sambhashana Sandesha, you not only enjoy the loyalty of elite readership, you also empower the revival of an ancient language that is poised to be the language of the future.