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Be it globalization or global warming, Sandesha is always at the forefront of burning issues. Not to mention articles that unearth the hidden treasures in Samskritam texts. There are sections suited for beginners, children, adult and advanced students. Comics, short stories, serials, puzzles and thought-provoking articles are some of the highlights of this wonderful monthly magazine.

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The language is very simple. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Sanskrit can easily understand. This is a project of "Sanskrit Bharati", which conducts the famous 10 day Sanskrit conversation classes.

Sambhashana Sandesha

Sambhashana Sandesha (सम्भाषणसन्देश:) is a magazine published by Samskrita Bharati from Aksharam.The monthly magazine comes to you with news, current affairs, articles, Samskritam news and events from across the world, stories for children and grown-ups, cartoons, crossword, vocabulary builders, and so on. Written in conversational-style prose, many articles are easily accessible to even beginners in Samskritam. For our more scholarly readers, we bring you articles on a wide range of topics including science, philosophy, biographical sketches, discussions in grammar and so on.


A movement for the development of Samskrit language, literature and mankind. It is registered as a Trust and also under Section 12A of IT Act. The Movement, called “Speak Samskrit Movement”, started in 1981 in Bangalore and it was later named and registered as “Samskrita Bharati” in 1995 in Delhi. Samskrita Bharati is also an organization of dedicated volunteers, who strive for the popularization of Samskrit, Samskriti and the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat. Its activities are spread to more than 2000 places all over the country.

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